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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Serious brain challenge

White to move. How should White proceed? No computer lines please.

k4r2/1p3N1R/1B6/2PQ2Pp/p5r1/P6q/6P1/1n4K1 w - - 0 1

Hint: 1.Qxb7+ does NOT work :-)

FIDE Trainers' Seminar in Durban

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SP World Open for Boys and Girls - A 2015 World Youth Qualifier Event!

Susan Polgar World Open for Boys and Girls
Oct 31-Nov 1-Nov 2
Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, IL

Over $100,000 in prizes with scholarships to Webster University!

A 2015 World Youth Qualifier Event!

Sections (Boys and Girls each)

U18, U16, U14, U12, U10

Prizes (Boys and Girls each)


1st place – Webster University Scholarship ($52,000 value)

2nd – 4th place - $150-100-75 in chess prizes

U16, U14, U12, U10

1st place – iPad Mini

2nd – 4th place - $150-100-75 in chess prizes.

All sections – trophies to 1st – 8th place and 1st-2nd for school-based teams

Rounds and Time Control

6R-SS Game-45 w/5-sec delay: Sat-Sun 11am, 1:30pm, 4pm each day.

On-site registration

9:30-10:30am Sat. Limit 2 byes.
Last rd. bye must commit by end of Round 2.

Side Events:

2-hour camp with GM Polgar (Fri 6:00pm)

Puzzle Solving (Sat 6pm)

Simul (Sat 7pm)

Blitz (Sun 9am).

1-day U8 tournament (10:30am - onsite reg 9:30-10am)

Trophies for 1st – 15th place and top 3 school teams
Participation Ribbons for All Players!

Team Rules: Minimum 2 players in same section from same school or feeder school (if feeder school parent / coach must provide proof). Top 2 scores count if more than 2 players on a team. A single school with many players cannot create additional teams in the same section. 1 team per section per school.

Site: Hyatt Regency Schaumburg – 1800 E Golf Road – Schaumburg, IL 60173.

Hotel: $89/night – call 847-605-1234 and ask for CHESS rate. Reserve by Oct 11. Free parking.

Entries: If postmarked or online by 10/4 $40; online or postmarked by 10/18 $50,$60 thereafter. Puzzle Solving, Blitz, Simul Side Events EF – $20 each. Camp EF – $40 by 10/4, $50 by 10/18, $60 thereafter and onsite. 1-day scholastic: $30 by 10/18, $40 thereafter and onsite. Credit Cards onsite OK. No checks onsite.

Mail entries to: ChessIQ (payable to) 4957 Oakton Street Suite 113 Skokie, IL 60077. Register online at –

Other info: Boards, sets, and clocks provided. None for skittles. Must use organizer provided equipment. Chess store onsite. November rating supplement used. Questions: (ONLY). On tournament day (ONLY) 847.274.1352

Bb5 Systems to Destroy the Sicilian Defense - GM Damian Lemos ... and more

Complex Endgames - GM Bryan Smith

Complex Endgames - GM Bryan Smith
Posted on October 01,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. Try this if your final phase needs help. Complex Endgames by GM Bryan Smith, from The ChessLecture series. This lecture follows a game between two strong Russian Grandmasters, which features the Sicilian Richter Rauzer a sharp sub-opening of the Sicilian. Bryan examines the consequences of moving your king twice in the early stages of the game and then analyzes the ''pre-endgame factors", including the 'better placed bishop to help with winning c[...]

How Passed Pawns Can Affect the Game
Posted on September 30,2014 By GM Levan Aroshidze in General Chess Articles, Beginner's Corner. Passed pawns are pawns that do not have opposing pawns in front of them on adjacent files. A passed pawn can become a serious advantage as it is quite hard to block. The opponent has to involve his pieces to prevent a passed pawn from promoting. This tactic has obvious weakness, as blocking pieces would become passive and limited to the defensive job. Passed Pawns in the Middle Game A passed pawn may give a very solid advantage in the middle game[...]

Bb5 Systems to Destroy the Sicilian Defense - GM Damian Lemos
Posted on September 29,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. The Sicilian squeeze! This DVD (part 2 of 2) covers Bb5 Systems against The Sicilian Defense with an emphasis on the core White strategies involving immediate and sometimes unprovoked Bxc6! Lemos shows the following analysis and concepts; Part 1: 2…d6 3.Bb5+ A look at 3…Nd7 4.a4! The position is still good for White without a4 as White can still do his traditional plan of Qe1-h4. 3…Nd7 4.a4! N(g)f6 5.d3 e6 6.f4 Be7 with 7.Nf3 and a nice King side[...]

Alekhine Defence - FM Chris Dunworth
Posted on September 26,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. The Fast Knight development! British FIDE Master Chris Dunworth, an expert in the Alekhine Defence, lets us in to the crazy Horse world of 1.e4 Nf6. Chris starts by showing us that allowing a massive center is okay, as Black can undermine it and still have a strong defensive position. Then he outlines the 3 main White responses before showing us basic ideas for both sides and the current theoretical status of each of the critical moves. The 4 Paw[...] is a producer of thousands of free chess articles and free chess videos by FIDE chess masters. They recently released the renowned Empire Chess series that has been taking the chess world by storm. Please consider checking out their chess blog and chess shop with tons of free updated previews.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Gull 3 is Caruana’s impersonation in TCEC – Season 7

Gull 3 is Fabiano Caruana’s impersonation at the seventh season of the strongest computer competitionTCEC. The engine is leading with 7,5 points out of 9 rounds, just like Caruana during the strongest closed tournament ever Sinquefield Cup 2014.

Gull scored another victory in the ninth round outplaying Hannibal 1.5×5 with White pieces.

Critter 1.6a and Chiron 2 are the nearest followers on 6,5 points, while the reigning TCEC Grand champion Stockfish is on fourth position with 6 points.

Right now Stockfish is playing the KIA, Yugoslav Variation of the Reti System with Black pieces against Toga. Follow the game LIVE at the official website and join the chat for a chance to speak to the engine creators themselves – look for the VIP or Engine status in the chat.

More on TCEC: Official website / Participants / Reports after Round 1 , Round 3 , Round 5, Round 7, Round 8

Current standings:

1 Gull 3 3033 7.5/9
2 Critter 1.6a 3030 6.5/9
3 Chiron 2 2955 6.5/9
4 Stockfish 160914 3168 6.0/9
5 Protector 1.7 2914 5.5/9
6 Hannibal 1.5×5 2924 5.5/9
7 Cheng4 0.36c+ 2779 4.5/9
8 Spike 1.4 2876 4.5/9
9 Gaviota 1 2691 4.0/9
10 Tornado 5 2778 3.5/10
11 Octochess 5374 2497 3.5/9
12 Arasan 17.3 2525 3.0/10
13 Toga II 010214 2699 2.0/9
14 Alfil 14.1 2447 1.5/9

Former SPICE team Captain GM Kuljasevic in the European Parliament

GM Davorin Kuljasevic in the European Parliament

GM Davorin Kuljasevic was invited inside the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium on 15th September 2014 to deliver a chess lecture and a simultaneous exhibition.

The invitation came from the famous Chess Club Europchess, founded in 1972 under the official name “cercle d’échecs des Communautés européennes C.E.C.E”. Such invitations have been a tradition since 1973 when GM O’Kelly delivered a simultaneous exhibition.

Croatian GM Davorin Kuljasevic delivered a one-hour lecture, followed by three-and-a-half-hour simultaneous exhibition on 24 boards. Enjoy the photos below!

Europchess official website

Abu Dhabi Chess Festival 2014 on DD TV

Abu Dhabi Chess Festival 2014 on DD TV
Oct 1, 2014

India’s biggest television network Doordarshan will telecast four exclusive Highlights of the 21st Abu Dhabi Chess Festival 2014 on its DD Sports Channel from 5-8th October.

Filmed and Produced by Vijay Kumar the 30 minutes highlights of each episode will be telecast as under:

1st Episode on 5 October from 11pm to 11:30 pm (GMT 18:30hrs to 19:00hrs)
2nd Episode on 6 October from 11pm to 11:30 pm
3rd Episode on 7 October from 11pm to 11:30 pm
4th Episode on 8 October from 11pm to 11:30 pm

The Telecast will also be available in 48 countries including parts of Europe, Middle East and South East Asia on FREE TO AIR Platform of INSAT 4B satellite.

Happy Viewing

Belgrade Trophy

Belgrade Chess Federation organize Belgrade Trophy, XXVII INTERNATIONAL OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP OF BELGRADE, from November 24th to December 2nd in Belgrade.
The Championship will be played in 9 rounds according to the FIDE Swiss System. The rate of play is 2 hours for 40 moves plus 30 minutes till the end of the game.

Regular prizes: EUR 6000/gross

1. 1500 EUR
2. 1000 EUR
3. 700 EUR
4. 500 EUR
5. 400 EUR
6. 300 EUR
7. 250 EUR
8-9 200 EUR
10-12 150 EUR
13-17 100 EUR

More tournament details here

International Open Durres 2014

Albanian Chess Federation is organizing the International Open Chess Tournament “Durres 2014″ on 1-8th November 2014 in the Conference Hall of the Hotel “Bleart”**** in Durres, one of the most ancient and significant cities of Albania, situated on the Adriatic Coast.

More information about the tournament format and prizes here.

The preliminary list of players consists of 20 players from 10 different federations (Albania, Bosna and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FIDE, Greece, Italy, Former YUG Rep of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia), including 11 GMs, 2 IMs and 1 WGM.

Top seed is Bulgarian GM Kiril Georgiev (2618).

Tournament Director: Mrs. Majlinda Pilinçi
Tel.: ++355692589298
Tournament coordinator: Mr. Elton Babamusta
E- mail:;
Tel: ++355692021300

Official website/ Open Durres 2014/ Open Durres 2013

Preliminary list of participants (top seeds):

1 GM Georgiev Kiril BUL 2618
2 GM Kozul Zdenko CRO 2613
3 GM Dervishi Erald ALB 2569
4 GM Nikolaidis Ioannis GRE 2559
5 GM Brunello Sabino ITA 2552
6 GM Kuljasevic Davorin CRO 2543
7 GM Dizdarevic Emir BIH 2529
8 GM Kovacevic Aleksandar SRB 2512
9 GM Blagojevic Dragisa MNE 2495
10 IM Pancevski Filip MKD 2482
11 GM Drasko Milan MNE 2434
12 GM Drazic Sinisa SRB 2426
13 IM Mehmeti Dritan ALB 2423
14 WGM Videnova Iva BUL 2388
15 Pasko Llambi ALB 2303

Ernesto Inarkiev wins Baku Open on tie-break

Russian GM Ernesto Inarkiev took the winner’s trophy and top prize in Baku Open A after edging Romanian GM Constantin Lupulescu on tie-break. The two players finished on 7,0/9 points each, in the field of 70 participants from 20 countries, including 28 Grandmasters.

The International Chess Festival Baku Open 2014, dedicated to the Independence Day of Republic of Azerbaijan, was held on 22-30th September at the AF Hotel near the Caspian Sea.

The Festival was organized by the Azerbaijan Youth & Sport Ministry and Azerbaijan Chess Federation. The total prize fund was 50,000 USD.

Replay games with analysis

Open B gathered 163 players rated under 2250 FIDE. FM Aryan Gholami or Iran is sole winner with 8,0/9 points. Full standings below.

The chess festivities in Baku continue with the FIDE Grand Prix event on 2nd October.

Final standings (Open A) - Top finishers:

1 GM Inarkiev Ernesto RUS 2672 – 7
2 GM Lupulescu Constantin ROU 2630 – 7
3 GM Berkes Ferenc HUN 2649 – 6.5
4 GM Onischuk Vladimir UKR 2593 – 6.5
5 GM Baryshpolets Andrey UKR 2540 – 6
6 GM Areshchenko Alexander UKR 2664 – 6
7 GM Efimenko Zahar UKR 2641 – 6
8 GM Krasenkow Michal POL 2636 – 6
9 GM Smirnov Pavel RUS 2611 – 6
10 GM Zhigalko Sergei BLR 2677 – 6
11 GM Kuzubov Yuriy UKR 2663 – 6
12 GM Kovalenko Igor LAT 2650 – 6
13 IM Donchenko Alexander GER 2501 – 5.5
14 GM Artemiev Vladislav RUS 2650 – 5.5
15 GM Iordachescu Viorel MDA 2603 – 5.5
16 GM Salem A.R. Saleh UAE 2594 – 5.5
17 GM Mamedov Nidjat AZE 2624 – 5.5
18 GM Volokitin Andrei UKR 2642 – 5.5
19 GM Shimanov Aleksandr RUS 2624 – 5.5
20 GM Darini Pouria IRI 2442 – 5
21 IM Mammadov Zaur AZE 2482 – 5
22 Maghsoodloo Parham IRI 2321 – 5
23 GM Rasulov Vugar AZE 2514 – 5
24 GM Wen Yang CHN 2598 – 5
25 GM Safarli Eltaj AZE 2655 – 5
26 IM Guliev Logman AZE 2377 – 5
27 GM Malakhatko Vadim BEL 2542 – 5
28 IM Iskandarov Misratdin AZE 2398 – 5
29 FM Kowsarinia Amir IRI 2331 – 5
30 IM Aghayev Nijat AZE 2401 – 5
31 IM Yilmazyerli Mert TUR 2454 – 4.5
32 Asgarizadeh Ahmad IRI 2335 – 4.5
33 Golubov Saveliy RUS 2347 – 4.5
34 IM Abdulov Orkhan AZE 2344 – 4.5
35 IM Pourramezanali Amirreza IRI 2429 – 4.5
36 Pirverdiyev Agil AZE 2209 – 4.5
37 FM Lorparizangeneh Shahin IRI 2277 – 4.5
38 GM Romanishin Oleg M UKR 2502 – 4.5
39 GM Baron Tal ISR 2513 – 4.5

Five players share first place in Satka Autumn 2014

The Annual Women’s Tournament Satka Autumn 2014 was organized by Chess Club “Vertical” on 20-30th September 2014 in Satka, a town on the western slope of the Southern Ural Mountains in Russia.

32 female players were vying in a 9-round Swiss format.

The last year’s winner IM Anastasia Bodnaruk (2434) outplayed the sole leader WGM Elmira Mirzoeva (2233) to share first place with 6,5/9 points.

Four more participants had the same score: IM Evgenija Ovod (2325), WFM Dina Belenkaya (2340), WGM Aleksandra Goryachkina (2430) and WGM Elmira Mirzoeva.

However, Bodnaruk took the trophy on superior tie-break. You can see the full standings below.

Official website/ Replay the games with analysis

Final standings (top finishers):

1 IM Bodnaruk, Anastasia Санкт-Петербург 6.5 F 2434
2 IM Ovod, Evgenija Сланцы 6.5 F 2325
3 WFM Belenkaya, Dina Санкт-Петербург 6.5 F 2340
4 WGM Goryachkina Aleksandra Салехард 6.5 F 2430
5 WGM Mirzoeva, Elmira Москва 6.5 F 2233
6 Sukhareva, Evgeniya Волгодонск 5.5 F 2196
7 WIM Turebayeva, Alfiya Сатка 5.5 F 2102
8 WIM Baraeva, Irina Белореченск 5.5 F 2197
9 Trapeznikova, Darya Иркутск 5.5 F 2036
10 Alieva, Alexandra Самара 5.0 F 2085

19 points separate Carlsen and Caruana, Topalov back at 2800

Top 5 women

1 Polgar, Judit g HUN 2675 0 1976
2 Hou, Yifan g CHN 2673 17 1994
3 Ju, Wenjun wg CHN 2582 15 1991
4 Koneru, Humpy g IND 2581 11 1987
5 Dzagnidze, Nana g GEO 2570 13 1987

Vidit aims to win World Junior Championship

Vidit Gujarathi set to make October his own
Wednesday, 1 October 2014 - 5:15am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Nashik's chess GM looks forward to winning the world junior championships starting in Pune starting this Sunday

Vidit Gujarathi's rise to the top has been prodigious. At 14, when kids are busy gearing up for their final years in school, Gujarathi has become the first Indian to win the World Youth Chess Championship (U-14) in Vietnam. It didn't stop there. By the time the Nashik resident turned 18, he was India's 30th Grandmaster.

Gujarathi couldn't have asked for a better chance to win something in front of his home crowd as the World Junior Chess Championship beginning on October 5 in Pune.

Ranked sixth in the world junior rankings, Gujarathi will spearhead the Indian challenge in the Open category in a tournament what will see more than 125 players from 45 countries taking part. A special feature of this edition will be that both the Open and Women's section will boast of players featuring in the top hundred in the World and will include six super Grandmasters (Above ELO 2600) apart from Grandmasters and International Masters.

Vladimir Fedoseev (2677) and Alexandra Goryachkina (2430) from Russia are the top seeds in the open and girls categories, respectively.

Home advantage will play a huge rule for Gujarathi but there is something more important that will tell the difference between winning and losing. "It'll be an amazing feeling to play at home with so many people watching you.

But it's home food more than home support that is important. We tend to travel abroad for tournaments and we miss our food more than the support. It also becomes a huge problem for those who are vegetarian. Also, there is no issue of jet lag this time. Such small things go a huge way in deciding how well your tournament pans out," said Gujarathi, who doesn't eat non-veg on select days of the week.

Gujarathi goes into the competition with a feeling of improving his bronze performance at the previous edition in Kocaeli, Turkey. He is motivated enough to make up for his poor show this August at the Abu Dhabi Masters, where he was joint leader going into the final day only to let this lead slip. "I have learnt a lot in this one year. I need to avoid the mistakes I made in Turkey and see to it that a repeat of the Abu Dhabi performance doesn't happen again. I don't have any coach at the moment, so I'm on my own now. I need to be more confident about my opponent's moves and not be caught unawares."

The icing on the cake for Gujarathi is the fact that he will turn 20 just four days after the tournament ends on October 24. Will he celebrate it with a gold medal?

"Certainly it'll be my win here. It's a prestigious tournament with all the chess greats having won it when they were young. Viswanathan Anand won it in 1987, so I can surely add another name to the list. Plus, October has been a very lucky month for me as I achieved my final Grandmaster norm in October 2012 at the Rose Valley Kolkata Open Grandmasters tournament," said Gujarathi.


Laznicka – Rapport match LIVE!